AC Service, AC Installation, Repairs, Maintenance, and Cleaning.

  • MYM technical Service Team

Moazzam Yousaf Muhammad Technical Services provides experienced, affordable Air Conditioning services in Dubai including installations, repairs, maintenance, and cleaning all over Dubai. MYM provides commercial and residential installations, including complete AC system cleaning and maintenance.

We keep investing in our staff’s training, new equipment, and customer service to be as modern and up-to-date as the trends change. We have been repairing air conditioning for so long that we may even be able to tell you what the problem is before we inspect it. When our team visits your home or business, even though we may already know what the problem is, our team still fully investigates the problem. We provide you with professional, complete, and timely service. We provide installation, repair, maintenance, and cleaning of split systems, multi-head split systems, ceiling cassette units, and ducted inverter air conditioning in Dubai.

The A/C cleaning methods we use are complete, efficient, and safe for everyone in the house. To recover your A/C's performance and ensure a healthy way of cooling, first, we clean the filters, vents, and water trays with a water pressure machine. When you clean your air conditioner with us, you will not only stay healthy, but you will also save money-, because the air conditioning unit will run more efficiently.